1. Make your twitter cards look nicer html
  2. Delete all local branches that have been deleted from a remote devtools git
  3. Chrome has its own Task Manager devtools
  4. Using <aside> html accessibility
  5. Referencing an .env value in an NPM script javascript
  6. Testing Modern React with Enzyme Shallow react testing
  7. Deep-diving the CSS Cascade css
  8. Flash of Invisible Text css performance fonts
  9. Elements with overflow: scroll become focusable css accessibility
  10. CSS properties that create an implicit stacking context css
  11. Accessibility Insights runs a subset of rules from Axe accessibility
  12. Teaching Accessibility talks accessibility
  13. Mocking a React Component with Sinon react testing
  14. Learning about styled components react styled-components
  15. Learnings from Strange Loop conferences accessibility
  16. I read: "Meet Border-box, my best friend." css
  17. Assorted Readings css
  18. Voiceover with Safari & List Semantics accessibility
  19. Notes from "Rethinking Color and Contrast" accessibility talks
  20. Today I Discovered React Axe accessibility react
  21. Notes & Tweets from NE JS Conf conference
  22. Designing Against Domestic Violence health design talks
  23. Does <details> work with Assistive Technology? accessibility html
  24. Therapeutic Refactoring by Katrina Owen talks refactoring
  25. My first look at Bulma for CSS css accessibility
  26. The effects of Neuro and Muscular Disabilities with Dr. Neil Matthiessen talks accessibility
  27. "From Puzzles to Products" by Jessica Kerr talks careers
  28. Readings on Accessibility design accessibility testing
  29. Disruptive Design: Harmful Patterns and Bad Practice talks design' accessibility
  30. More People Set Custom Font Sizes than Use Internet Explorer css accessibility
  31. Impact of Accessibility on Link vs Button in HTML html accessibility
  32. Getting your Glitch Project Domain in Your Code glitch tools
  33. Using process.env variables in Eleventy eleventy tools
  34. The HTML Element Specification and Accessibility accessibility html
  35. 'Making Badass Developers' by Kathy Sierra talks
  36. A perfect Lighthouse Score on a perfectly inaccessible website accessibility
  37. Navigating Anger & Sadness in the Workplace work
  38. Meeting Facilitation for Remote Workers work remote
  39. Why do remote meetings suck? work remote
  40. Using Live Expressions in Chrome to Track the Focused Element accessibility tools
  41. Is this feature toggle on? testing tools
  42. Developer Tools & Inclusion reading product
  43. React Material UI Thoughts react
  44. Firefox Page Ruler tools
  45. Book of Shaders reading
  46. Itemscope Attribute in HTML html
  47. Valid Children of `<html>` html
  48. React Component Design Patterns react
  49. When to use useReducer in React react
  50. Alt Text on Stock Photos accessibility html
  51. useEffect in React react
  52. Accessibility on the Million Most Popular Sites reading accessibility
  53. The Glitch Logo Changes Color glitch
  54. Shadow Power politics
  55. Class vs Function Components react
  56. Learning to Learn reading learning
  57. Speed in Function Components react
  58. Iconfinder tools
  59. How Screenreaders Use Semantics accessibility
  60. Accessibility is not a React Problem accessibility
  61. What is Math? math
  62. Babel options & require vs import tools build
  63. Manuscript filtering tools
  64. How Error Handling Works in Browsers tools javascript
  65. React as a UI Runtime react
  66. Parcel Doesn't Support CSS Modules Without Config tools
  67. Converting a Javascript Project to Typescript for Beginners typescript
  68. Check Build Configuration When the Wrong Project is Building in Visual Studio xamarin
  69. Xamarin Forms Reading xamarin
  70. Custom ContentView Renderer in Xamarin Forms iOS xamarin
  71. Converting to target netstandard14 in addtion to netFramework461 csharp
  72. Xamarin Netstandard Blog Draft csharp xamarin
  73. Xamarin Android RelativeLayout Designer xamarin
  74. Convert Xamarin PCL Template to use NET Standard xamarin
  75. Soft Delete with EntityFramework Dynamic Filters csharp EntityFramework
  76. Async Unit Tests in C# c#
  77. Xamarin Android List Adapter xamarin